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My role

UX / UI Design


Improve iOs and Android app



I joined Whoppah’s scrum team and helped improve the iOS/Android apps:

UX / UI Challenge

When I started at Whoppah they had been live with their apps for almost six months. They had already accomplished a lot, but they wanted to improve more.


Determining and implementing quick wins and larger design changes

The customer journey session, previously completed research and data helped determine our focus. Important funnels were improved or redesigned and other smaller quick wins were implemented. 

Improving scalability and implementing native design

Whoppah already had a distinguished style and this was translated into their apps. Which created a strong brand consistency, but negatively impacted scalability due the high percentage of custom mobile components.

Improving and updating style guide
The design changes resulted in an improvement of the style guide with more native elements.



From feature driven to a user-centered approach

I organised a customer journey session with the owners to find where we could add value. We plotted research, insights and data to localise gaps. We determined quick wins and larger changes, filled the backlog and got to work. 

More collaboration between design & development

In the already existing scrum process of the developers, I implemented rhythmic (de)briefs and (pre-)refinement moments. These sessions contributed to alignment from the start, continuously discussing design possibilities and for each role being able to give design input.



Native design

Customer journey

Agile Scrum


Data Driven

Always open to connect

Feel free to send me an email or to give me a call!


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