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KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) via Mirabeau

My role

UX / Interaction Design


Digitising the workflow of pilots and cabin attendants

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For 9 months I was part of two agile scrum teams at KLM. The goal of each app was to increase efficiency by digitising paper based processes and to empower and support pilots and cabin attendants. 


FlightDeck for Pilots and MyFlight for cabin attendants.

UX Challenge

The user journey started long before being air-bound

For pilots and cabin attendants the work can basically be described as operating a flight from A to B, but the user journey starts long before a flight. Between receiving the flight roster and being air-bound there were many tasks to be done by our users, even after landing the job was often not finished.


It was very important to stay aware of this entire journey when working on parts of the journey as they were often intertwined. 

Personalising almost every touchpoint
For almost every touchpoint the user had a different context, which influenced the relevancy of information or even if information was accessible due to no on-flight connection. I had to identify how a feature should behave based on the context of the user. 

The main context variables:

  • Time - before, during and after flight. Specifically how many hours before departure and how many hours before or after landing.

  • Location - home, hotel, inbound airport or outbound airport

  • Rank - captain or co-captain, purser or cabin attendant with 1, 2 or 3 stripes. 

Design consistency and alignment of 5 native iOS apps
I worked on two applications, but there were more. In my work it was important to stay aligned with my fellow designers and to work with components from our library. 

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User interviews

Co-creation workshops

Customer journey

Priority guides


Contextual design


Experience and journey maps

For each epic we gathered insights on the total workflow and for each user story we would map out all the specifics including the contextual details.


Co-creation & more workshops

We had to fully understand our users and how they worked and wanted to work. Almost every sprint I organised user-tests and -interviews and co-creation sessions. These workshops helped make sure we pin pointed pains and needs, we could quickly discuss ideas and holistically digitised processes.

Rapid prototyping
With rapid prototyping and user testing we quickly understood if a feature was user friendly and supportive in the work that had to be done by pilots and cabin attendants. If improvements had to be made, we were still early in the design process which made it possible to iterate easily and almost instantly.

Design team guild
Every two weeks all the B2E iOs app designers would meet. We discussed the status of our component library and if anything was missing or needed improvements. We would present new designs and give feedback. Zeplin and Sketch helped us maintain our design system. 


Always open to connect

Feel free to send me an email or to give me a call!


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