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Graze Urban Cafe

My role



Remotely I redesigned the website for Graze Urban Cafe



In Warrnambool, a town on the Great Ocean Road of Australia, is Graze Urban Cafe. By the locals a well known establishment with high quality coffee and delicious food. The website they had unfortunately didn't represent who they are and what they have to offer. That is why they requested me to redesign their website and build it in WIX.


It was important to understand what the client wanted and what their goals were to fully meet their expectations. To get this knowledge I did the following things:

  • Ask the client to fill out a questionnaire about website goals, needs & more

  • Interview the client and discuss the questionnaire answers

  • Review and discuss the previous website to understand what they wanted differently

  • Ask the client to provide website examples of what they liked and didn't like

I combined this information with notes from observing the cafe and created design principles for the new website. These design principles were translated in three different design concepts. The client chose a design concept, provided me with notes and I designed the website based on the chosen concept. After one more feedback round I improved the design and created the WIX version. 



It was my goal to capture the offline cafe online. Locals already knew what they could expect from Graze. The Great Ocean Road travellers were mainly the ones that had to be drawn to the cafe. That is why rich photography is such a prominent element on the website. Secondly, you don't just drink coffee at Graze: you drink high quality coffee from a highly esteemed brand. That's why there is a page especially dedicated to the blend. The photography and the information combined with the spacious design and off-white colour make for a warm feel with the main focus on quality. Just like the physical Graze Urban Cafe.

Always open to connect

Feel free to send me an email or to give me a call!


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