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Essent Zakelijk via Garage

My role

Proje Lead & UX/Interaction design


B2B - Redesign the online sales flow to match customer needs


Essent B2B offered it's future clients to easily register online, but the target audience mainly remained si

UX Challenge

The energy sector has been around for a long time and has a lot of legacy and complex business models & processes. This reflected in Nuon's old website. Resulting in an information overloading, confusing and unfriendly to use website. The target audience expressed the need to be able to sign-up for energy quick and easy, without all the confusing offers and complex terms and conditions. Therefor the main UX challenge was to (re)design content and set-up an easy to understand & quick sign-up flow.



The redesign of was an Agile Scrum project with a multidisciplinary team.  The project started with a concept phase. During this phase the website strategy, art direction and main features were identified. Also the strategist and I created a first version of a content strategy. Based on these results the backlog could be prepared for the design & development phase. As the interaction designer for the project I translated the concept and content strategy to the structure of the entire website and zoomed in to each flow, page and feature. I had view on what product we were working towards. I prepared the UX of the epics and user stories two sprints before development and one sprint before visual design to work efficiently, increase velocity and make sure I could pay enough attention to (user) research and iterations. My other responsibilities were improving the content strategy, maintaining and preparing the backlog, planning and guiding refinements, preparing user-tests, stakeholder management and more.


User research & tests

Content strategy

Customer journey

Priority guides


Dynamic design & content


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